Breathing Re-Education and Phenotypes of Sleep Apnea: A Review.

Fecha de publicación: 26/01/2021

Autores: McKeown P, O’Connor-Reina C, Plaza G.

Abstract: Four phenotypes of obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS) have been identified. Only one of these is anatomical. As such, anatomically based treatments for OSAHS may not fully resolve the condition. Equally, compliance and uptake of gold-standard treatments is inadequate. This has led to interest in novel therapies that provide the basis for personalized treatment protocols. This review examines each of the four phenotypes of OSAHS and explores how these could be targeted using breath

Área de la especialidad: Roncopatia y trastornos respiratorios del sueño

Datos bibliográficos: Journal of Clinical Medicine. 2021; 10(3):471.