“ABCDEF Checklist” based on 3D radiological images for preoperative planning of endoscopic sinus surgery

Fecha de publicación: 04/10/2018

Autores: J.M. Maza-Solano, J. González-García, R. Moreno-Luna, J. Ambrosiani-Fernández, E. Domínguez-Durán, S. Sánchez-Gómez

Abstract: Objective: To develop a checklist for the systematic identification of the paranasal sinuses and the skull base, based on 3Dimages that guide the planning and implementation of ESS to minimize complications and improve surgical outcomes.
Methods: This study evaluates the usefulness of the “ABCDEF Checklist”, in a randomized study.
Conclusions: “ABCDEF Checklist” prior to ESS facilitates the identification of landmarks for the preoperative and systematized planning of the surgical procedures.

Área de la especialidad: Rinología

Datos bibliográficos: Rhinology Online, Vol 1: 133 – 142, 2018