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Presidential Welcome Speech Chole2016

As the Chairman of the 10th International Conference in Cholesteatoma and Ear Surgery, I would like to welcome ENT surgeons, scientists and related health professional from every country to come and contribute to this prestigious meeting at the Edinburgh International Convention Centre from 5 to 8 June 2016.

The aim of this conference is to share knowledge between over 1,000 basic researchers and clinicians, and promote networking. The conference is underpinned by a series of keynote lectures. Most of these keynote lectures are given by world renowned scientists on areas that are very important in the understanding of Cholesteatoma and chronic otitis media, such as skin and bone biology, embryology, genetics, stem cell research, bacteriology, immunology, bio-mechanics, and many others.

Besides the keynote lectures, round table sessions, and free paper presentations, there will be a mini-symposium given by the national otological society of a number of different countries. Each national society will choose a topic it feels will benefit the international community in the understanding of the science and management of chronic ear diseases and hearing rehabilitation. The programme also includes live temporal bone dissections during the conference.

June is the perfect time to visit this beautiful city, the Capital of Scotland which is easily accessible with multiple daily flights from European hubs, North America and the Middle East.

On-line registration and abstract submission for Chole2016 will open on 15th June 2015. Please visit the conference website www.Chole2016.org.

I look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh.

Matthew Yung
Chairman Chole2016

Chris Raine
Deputy Chairman Chole2016